Adaptive has released their web-based platform, Adaptive Business Glossary Manager (BGM), which provides a framework to help organizations define and communicate consistent business vocabulary and align glossary terms.

This platform is available in the Cloud or behind the firewall. It can substantially improve data governance and management while reducing exposure to compliance risk.

“Adaptive Business Glossary Manager takes disparate business terms and glossaries and provides the governance processes to manage, monitor and collaborate on terms and definitions on an industry-wide scale,” said Jeff Goins, Adaptive’s President and CEO. “BGM can also align multiple glossaries to a central glossary and create linkage between them, including direct integration with the Microsoft Office suite. These capabilities enable organizations to achieve the overall objectives of transparency that help with data governance.”

This interesting news was found on Consumer Electronics in their article, “Adaptive Launches Business Glossary Manager to Improve Industry-Wide Data Governance Processes.”

Melody K. Smith

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