Find-A-Code is offering a free trial of its newest coding tool called Code-A-Note. Code-A-Note utilizes concept extractor software that analyzes the volumes of information contained in an electronic medical record’s (EMR) text fields and provides the professional coder with highly relevant ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS coding suggestions. Find-A-Code’s digital coding libraries then apply additional filters and data resources to the selected codes, including a claim scrubbing feature. With the pending implementation of ICD-10 in October of 2014, Code-A-Note will offer its users unique documentation training opportunities as well as a coding tool. Code-A-Note was designed to decrease the amount of time that medical coders spend reading a patient’s encounter note. The software analyzes the note in its entirety to produce relevant codes.

This results in greater coder accuracy and efficiency, saving you both time and money. Claims are more compliant and rejections and denials are decreased.

This results in claims that are more compliant and accurate. Because of the increased accuracy in coding, Code-A-Note greatly reduces the number of claims rejected, denied, or suspended. Code-A-Note puts your clinic or office on the fast track for coding and claims processing.

Learn more by watching this interesting video and sign-up for the free offer on their website.

Kathryn Brown

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