Actuate Corporation has announced their cooperation with Bitext, who provides text analytics engines. Sequentially, Bitext recently announced a partnership with All this camaraderie is combining tools and talents to produce solutions unavailable in a solo state. The Wall Street Journal brought this news to us in their article, “Actuate and Bitext Announce Collaboration to Deliver Text Analytics Engines and Sentiment Analysis for Big Data Through BIRT.”

“We are very pleased to be working together with Actuate to further enrich their leading BIRT commercial suite with Bitext text and semantic analysis power,” said Antonio Valderrabanos, CEO and Founder, Bitext. “With Bitext analyzing unstructured data words as well as meaning, and Actuate performing advanced analysis of structured as well as unstructured, we cover the world of data.”

Bitext enables entity and concept extraction, categorization, and sentiment analysis with a focus on customer-centric business areas such as marketing; customer relationship management and support; content analytics; and any line of business unit that requires advanced analytics.

Melody K. Smith

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