The first modern Land Record Management and Information System (LRMIS) center is working in Taxila tehsil, a sub-division of the Rawalpindi district in Pakistan. All land records of the entire tehsil (sub-district) will be digitized, which will create conveniences in transfer of properties and getting revenue documents. The Pakistan Observer brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Computer based land records data system start.”

Computer based digital land data is a pilot project of the Rawalpindi district. One of the aims of the project is to facilitate increased access to land records at lower transaction cost for the citizens. LRMIS is a project undertaken by the Punjabi government through assistance from the World Bank for computerization of land records.

Among the benefits of digitization of records, having land data in each village/tehsil/district will help the government take timely action if there is encroachment of land. It will also help in making optimal use of land for industrialization/urbanization.

Melody K. Smith

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