LinkTek Corporation has released their LinkFixer Advanced software to help information management professionals avoid data loss during data migration. This helpful information was found on in their article, “LinkFixer Advanced Handles Hidden Problem When Migrating to SharePoint 2013.”

“When these files are moved and stored within SharePoint, links contained within these files have a nasty habit of becoming broken,” says Bruce Saliga, LinkTek’s VP for Sales. “And who has the time, or the manpower, to manually find and fix the broken links within the thousands or millions of files? The lost productivity and high cost of manually fixing broken links is prohibitive at best and impossible otherwise. So, why do manually what LinkFixer Advanced does automatically?”

This patented software application can fix broken links totally automatically in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio, PageMaker, InDesign, AutoCAD, MicroStation, PDF, and HTML files when files or folders are moved or renamed.

Melody K. Smith

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