Data Harmony, a division of Access Innovations, Inc., has announced that version 3.9 of its suite of software tools will be released on March 31, 2014. Current customers will be the first to receive the new version.

“Our recent enhancements provide greater search efficiency while browsing your thesaurus through callouts and hyperlinks to related and narrower terms,” said Allex Lyons, one of the Data Harmony programming team. “Dropdown menus in the search window display subject terms with an auto-complete function that assists users of any skill or experience level.”

“The Thesaurus Master™  module is a wonderful tool for creating and maintaining taxonomies, and when it’s coupled with M.A.I.™, our customers have a world-class semantic enrichment platform,” comments Bob Kasenchak, Project Coordinator at Access Innovations. “In addition, this release of the software works with our new Semantic Fingerprinting application for creation of disambiguated author networks. For a number of reasons, author nets are becoming a critical component of the publishing workflow for many of our publishing clients.”

Access Innovations’ editorial team collaborated with Data Harmony programmers to update the user guides and improve technical documentation for all software modules. “For version 3.9, MAIstro is featuring several new thesaurus export formats, and there are great new functions inside the user interface,” noted Kirk Sanders, Project Manager, Access Innovations Editorial Department. “In addition, we’re releasing several new Web service modules that extend Data Harmony software in intriguing ways. I’m eager to see how our clients gain from the creative implementation of Data Harmony Inline Tagging, Search Harmony, and the Data Harmony Smart Submit for author submission of articles — and the other Web services!” The Data Harmony Web service modules offer the power to configure instantaneous Web functions inside a graphical user interface based on Data Harmony software actions.

Current Data Harmony customers can expect to be contacted about version 3.9 by the end of March, according to Marjorie M. K. Hlava, President of Access Innovations. Further information will be available on the Data Harmony website at


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Founded in 1978, Access Innovations has extensive experience with Internet technology applications, master data management, database creation, thesaurus/taxonomy creation, and semantic integration. Access Innovations’ Data Harmony software includes automatic indexing, thesaurus management, an XML Intranet System (XIS), and metadata extraction for content creation developed to meet production environment needs.  Data Harmony is used by publishers, governments, and corporate clients throughout the world.