I always find it interesting to learn about the behaviors of others. Airports, shopping malls, and sports venues always provide entertainment to me as I muse on the reasoning behind some wardrobe choices, quirky behavior, or companions. That might be why social media has always intrigued me, as it is like people watching from home. So when Dictionary.com compiled a list of words looked up the most around the country, I was fascinated. This interesting list was described by NBC Chicago in their article, “Study Reveals Most Looked-Up Words in Chicago.”

It appears that folks in the good old Windy City were the most likely to look up the word “peatier”, which by the way is defined as pertaining to, resembling or containing the substance peat.

Minneapolis residents were the main searchers of the word “fricassee,” and New York searched “precipitin test.”

Los Angeles residents were the most frequent searchers of the word “walking stick”.

Melody K. Smith

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