Varonis Systems has introduced DatAnswers – enterprise search of human-generated data such as presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. This enhances employee collaboration and productivity by providing employees with access to their company’s institutional memory without sacrificing security. This interesting information came from The Wall Street Journal in their article, “Varonis Unveils DatAnswers, Bringing Secure Enterprise Search of Human-Generated Data Files to Employees.”

DatAnswers sits on top of and extends the Varonis Metadata Framework components, so the metadata collected by Varonis DatAdvantage delivers highly relevant results. Because DatAnswers understands the relationships between employees and files, and knows who is regularly accessing what content, it refines its search results to be even more effective over time as more metadata is collected.

Varonis DatAnswers is expected to be available as a beta version in late May and released for general availability later this year.

Melody K. Smith

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