We talk a lot about big data. It is important, but what about smart data? Adding more data isn’t the solution to all problems. Getting value from data comes down to how easily you can do something with it. This interesting perspective came from Technical.ly in their article, “Forget big data, here comes ‘smart data’: Semantic Web Meetup.”

Smart data is data with semantics attached. It is also about adding value to previously overlooked resources. There are many pieces of metadata that might seem unimportant, but that if known and used will improve search results. For example, knowledge of the authorship of a document can be used to calculate relevance and importance of a document for ranking results.

Even with semantic technology involved, information management for any type of business is critical for fast, easy, and comprehensive findability. One key way to ensure this is through a solid taxonomy, based on standards, built by someone with years of experience in the field.

Melody K. Smith

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