Who would have guessed as little as ten years ago that social media sites would account for massive amounts of traffic on the internet? And it keeps growing. How long before it surpasses search as a driver of traffic?

Search engines accounted for 32.8 percent of all referral traffic during March 2014, with social coming in at 31.2 percent. So, one could say – not too long. This interesting piece of news was found on Brafton in their article, “Semantic search alert: Knowledge Graph comes to Google Maps.”

Of course, semantic search will be a tough opponent. This kind of search has the ability to make associations between things in ways that come closer to how we humans make such connections. So search results that provide more relevant resources to our actual needs are of a higher value than link driven results. This interesting information came from Small Business Trends in their article, “How Semantic Search is Changing Insurance Industry Digital Marketing.”

Melody K. Smith

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