Semantic search combines natural language processing and computer technology to help people learn and share information quickly. How it is used and the different types of applications seems endless. After a car accident and subsequent coma ended up leaving one woman having to relearn how to do everything, she saw a need and built a semantic search company to discover the not-so-obvious information.

The technology behind Declara helps people discover esoteric and hard-to-find information. Declara has been used in education, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries, where a lack of knowledge transfer between employees could result in death. Tech Investor News brought this information to our attention in their article, “Semantic search will help find hidden knowledge in education and more.”

Semantic technology continues to grow and expand its uses. Search is just one of those. Access Innovations, developer of the M.A.I. machine-assisted indexing system, specializes in complex coding, tagging, and indexing.

Melody K. Smith

Sponsored by Access Innovations, the world leader in thesaurus, ontology, and taxonomy creation and metadata application.