No one should be surprised, but yet we still are, at the slang and pop culture words that are making their way not only into our vocabulary, but now into the Oxford Dictionary. This interesting news came from the Oxford Dictionaries blog, OxfordWords, in their post, “Adorbs new words added to – WDYT?”

Adorbs, humblebrag, and binge-watch are just a few of the new words going into in this quarter. I suppose with the publication going online it is easier to add new words and therefore there is less of a filter or qualifying process. It is not my intention to set myself up as one of those antiquated people who resist change. I am actually very forward thinking and embrace new opportunities and challenges (cough cough), but that doesn’t lessen my dismay to know that one of the new words – catfish – isn’t the deep fried delicacy found in many southern restaurants.  It saddens me both that it is in the publication and that I know its duplicitous definition.

Melody K. Smith

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