If experience teaches us anything, then Jill Singer’s recommended recipe for a successful federal records management process is worth the read. Her 27 years of federal service should make her recommendations worthwhile for any records management process, not just federal service project records management.

“I’ve watched the growth in federal records and the implementation of new executive orders and regulations aimed at improving records management across the federal space. Litigation, review and release, tracing factual evidence for analysis, managing information from difficult environments, and the many authorized and unauthorized disclosures of classified and sensitive information… it all poses huge challenges,” said Jill Singer, former Chief Information Officer for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and deputy Chief Information Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Her recommendations hinge on three main principles: Capture on Creation, Manage and Secure through the Workflow, and Responsible Archival. This interesting information came from the blog Alfresco and their post titled, “Three Keys to Federal Records Management Success,” where you can read more details about her recommendations.

Melody K. Smith

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