The increase in social media content offers everyone new challenges and opportunities. That is no different for taxonomists. Now they can define their own terms and hashtags as a basis for findability. This is the epitome of content tagging.

Taxonomy Boot Camp is addressing this very issue in November.  With sessions like “Selling Sameness in an Era of Exceptionalism”, “Taxonomy & Social Media: New Types & Uses for Social Taxonomies”, “Integrating Multimedia/Multilingual Content Through Taxonomy”, and “You’re It, and That’s Awesome: Gamified Content Tagging” on the roster, it should be a great learning experience for those looking to go beyond the traditional controlled vocabulary approach for findability.

Find detailed descriptions of each of these sessions, plus other sessions you may be interested in, here. Hope to see you in Washington D.C. next month.

Melody K. Smith

Sponsored by Access Innovations, the world leader in thesaurus, ontology, and taxonomy creation and metadata application.