When library design consultant Aaron Schmidt declared on Twitter that when creating logos and visual identity packages for libraries, he wanted no likenesses of books, it might have been an “aha” moment for many.

Those in the information and technology world understand that more data today exists digitally than ever before and aren’t unaware that there will likely come a time when it will only be digital. Libraries are changing from repositories for journals and books to engaged community centers that offer new services, not only respond to innovative research but helping to shape it. This information came from Inside Higher Ed in their article, “The Data-driven Library of the Future.”

If this is the case, that what is the motivation for people to visit libraries? Maybe the days of checking out a book is soon to be behind us, but libraries can offer places and services for discovery. They can become spaces full of physical and virtual tools that capture the imagination and enable new explorers.

Melody K. Smith

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