Moving is never fun. All the packing, all those boxes, and then carrying it all to the clouds. What?

SharePoint users can expect the next release sometime in 2015, but in the interim there are ways to prepare for the move to the clouds. This interesting information came from the blog, Beyond Search, in their post, “SharePoint Simplifies Cloud Use with Better Updates.”

It’s easy to see how moving to the cloud could greatly benefit organizations with highly mobile workers. Any sales team member with lots of frequent flier miles would become significantly more responsive with easier access to the corporate SharePoint site. The Office 365 connectivity makes it¬†simple to push just the information you want out to the cloud and still maintain control over the content. But there are challenges too, namely security. With the proper measures in place, the security concerns can be reduced or alleviated altogether. The key is planning and communicating.

Melody K. Smith

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