Science and science fiction continue to cross paths as technology continues to advance. Warp drive and transporters are not that far away, at least in the world of light years. This interesting information came from CNET in their article, “Scientists make quantum leap, teleport data from light to matter.”

In the confusing, crazy world of quantum physics, researchers teleport data an unprecedented distance, so how soon until it becomes a solid object and not digital? Progress comes from a research team out of the lab of Professor Nicolas Gisin in the physics department at the University of Geneva. The team achieved teleportation of the quantum state of a photon. This marks the latest success in a series of experiments that the group, led by physicist Félix Bussières, has been conducting over the last decade in an effort to better understand quantum data transfer with ever-newer technology.

This is getting deeper into science and technology than we normally dive here on TaxoDiary, but it is a great example of how technology is changing each and every day in exciting ways. Ways that have the potential to change lives. That excites me, if that weren’t already obvious.

Melody K. Smith

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