Access Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce the delivery of an extensive thesaurus for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Data Harmony With a Century of Content

               In the summer of 2013, AAAS, the publisher of Science Magazine and various specialty journals (such as Science Signaling and Science Translational Medicine), contacted Access Innovations, Inc. regarding a thesaurus project to index and tag their data using Access Innovations’ patented, award-winning Data Harmony software. Because the publications represent the entire spectrum of science, this presented a unique challenge to Access Innovations. “The taxonomy needed to address all areas with a great degree of specificity to improve discovery for AAAS users,” remarked Bob Kasenchak, Project Coordinator for Access Innovations.

Formed in 1848, AAAS has content dating back to the 1880s. Since then, scientific language and terminology have undergone significant changes. With a database of 250,000 articles spanning 120 years of science, it is crucial for AAAS to implement granular topical indexing and provide a mechanism for browsing the full corpus of electronic content. The implementation of Data Harmony will greatly improve the accuracy of the free text searches used on the AAAS website.

A Cooperative Effort

Access Innovations has now delivered the thesaurus and continues to streamline content for AAAS. Due to the extremely broad range of topics in their content, AAAS has access to an unusual number of in-house subject matter experts (SMEs). Access Innovations worked in close conjunction with the SMEs to review and refine the thesaurus. Will Schweitzer, Business Director of AAAS, notes, “We’re excited to use our new thesaurus throughout all our platforms and products. We’ll first use the thesaurus to make our peer-review processes more efficient and to improve our readers’ browsing and search experience.”

As AAAS begins leveraging the thesaurus for website navigation, Access Innovations continues to refine the index and manage the taxonomy.


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