Do you find consolidating your thoughts into 140 characters or less a challenge? How can you intelligently get across a complex thought in just 140 characters without needing to use ugly and often illegible abbreviations? My first thought is that social media may not be the vehicle for complex thoughts, but that might not be the point here. This interesting information came from the blog, The Ironic Sans, in their post, ‘Idea: Thsrs, The Shorter Thesaurus.”

Coming to your rescue is Thsrs, the thesaurus that only gives you synonyms shorter than the word you’re looking up. Just enter one of the longer words in your message, and Thsrs will suggest shorter words to use instead. The ironic app title is worthy of a peek.

Personally, I know some very verbose people that could use this. Wonder if it qualifies as a Christmas present?

Melody K. Smith

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