Scope e-Knowledge Center has launched their content enrichment solution – SemantiCz. This new product combines the foundational building blocks of abstracts from the ConSCIse platform and ontology from the diSCOver platform. This interesting information was found on BusByway in their article, “Scope launches SemantiCz, a content enrichment solution for better discovery.” SemantiCz is designed to serve as content enrichment and discovery solutions to help publishers and online information providers.

There is an increasing demand for semantic enrichment of content and this is one potential solution. SemantiCz is a platform-enabled service that extracts entities and concepts from text and relates these with other concepts and entities to enable intelligent content discovery and linkages across content.

Content enrichment is as simple as an HTML anchor tag, or as complex as unstructured or semi-structured data that has been “enriched” with a context that is further linked to the structured knowledge of a domain. In the case of search results, this means that it allows results that are not explicitly related to the original search.

Melody K. Smith

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