Expert System SpA is known for their development of semantic software for the effective management of information and big data. They recently announced that together with Elettronica SpA, they are establishing a new company, CY4Gate Srl. This interesting information came from Expert System’s release, “Expert System along with with Elettronica, an electronic warfare market leader, establish CY4Gate, a new global player in the “Cyber Defense Electronics” field.”

CY4Gate will use the software and knowledge developed by the Intelligence Division of Expert System, along with the Elettronica’s EW Systems and know-how, to offer products and services for cyber defense electronics and intelligence to government organizations operating in the security field.

It is believed that the cyber security market is one of the fastest growing. The year 2014 saw investments of more than $75 billion; the investments total for 2019 is expected to reach $150 billion.

Melody K. Smith

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