The Data Harmony Users Group Meeting continued today with a presentation by Paul G. Kotula of the Materials Characterization department at Sandia National Laboratories. In the presentation, “Six Months of Work in the Lab will Save You Half a Day in the Library or 30 Minutes Online”, he shared his experience as both a consumer and a producer of peer-reviewed, published scientific literature.

Paul is an award-winning author, researcher, and peer reviewer who knows his stuff and knows how our clients use the content that our software enriches. During his presentation, he got specific about how people in his field use information and how researchers use collections.

Today wrapped up the case studies. Over the next two days there will be specific hands-on training, networking, and learning opportunities for the clients. Everyone seems to be eager to get their hands “dirty” and the Access Innovations staff are here and available to answer any questions.

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Melody K. Smith

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