Libraries seem to belong to a past generation who did not have access to the internet or to other data sources where mega masses of information could be accessed quickly and easily. Of course there have been changes, but we in the business of information science know that the value of libraries hasn’t diminished, just changed. The latest research findings indicate that the future of libraries falls into three categories: The library as a place, the library as a connector of people, and the library as a platform for getting patrons the information and the contacts they seek. This interesting information came from the Pew Research Internet Project in their article, “The Next Library and the People Who Will Use It.”

Libraries may not be the Gothic ivy-covered buildings of our past, and they may not be buildings at all. However, what has not changed is the desire to learn and seek information. As long as libraries can keep up with the digital progression, they can remain relevant to generations to come.

Melody K. Smith

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