WibiData has released Experiments as the first commercial experiment framework to capitalize on the processing power enabled by machine learning in Hadoop. The intended result is to reduce the time to modify and implement personalization models from months to minutes, creating unique and contextual customer experiences. DATAVERSITY brought this to our attention in their article, “WibiData Develops First Commercial Experiment Framework for Rapid Optimization of Machine Learning in Hadoop.”

According to Rob Seaman, VP of Product at WibiData, “Digital marketers have been trying to deliver real-time personalized customer experiences for some time now… But existing commercial and custom-built solutions have fallen short in their attempts to ‘personalize’ customer experiences by using a subset of customer information and ignoring the most recent data – which is actually the most important – in their analyses and predictions. It’s now possible for them to embrace real-time, live experimentation to get to the personalized experiences they covet.”

Melody K. Smith

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