We know that when a taxonomy is well-designed and rooted in standards, it can make finding your content easy and thorough. However, the meaning of the word ‘taxonomy’ is often confused  with that for ‘classification’ or even ‘glossary’. This interesting information was brought to our attention by Scoop in their article, “Talk Nation : Kristin Christman on the Taxonomy of Peace.”

The topic of peace in the Middle East is not an easy one to wrap up in a nice neat package … or taxonomy. The subject is so faceted with opinions, histories, religions, fears, biases, and so many emotions that they deserve their own taxonomy.

Kristin Y. Christman, author of The Taxonomy of Peace, focuses her work on the aggressive and defensive roots of violence in the Middle East and the United States, as well as mental, legal, and physical escalators of violence, and solutions to violence. These are most definitely categories, but even the term solution is subjective. I am sure this is an interesting and informative read, and I will definitely be adding it to my book list soon, but is it a taxonomy?

Melody K. Smith

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