All four of the top cloud providers — Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM — offer developers the means to build machine learning into their cloud applications. What does this mean, since both machine learning and big data will eventually disappear as separate technology categories and work their way into many different aspects of computing? This interesting topic came to us from DATAVERSITY in their article, “Detecting and Predicting Fraud with Machine Learning.”

Right now, certain uses of machine learning stand out for their immediate gratification. Fraud detection is a perfect example. It addresses an urgent problem that would be impractical to solve if machine learning didn’t exist.

Machine learning depends not only on big data, but on the right data. Cloud infrastructure and integration present a generous amount of compute power for deep learning as well as access to extremely large data sets across an enormous number of domains. What we refer to as big data and machine learning today will tomorrow simply be integrated into the fabric of computing.

Melody K. Smith

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