If you didn’t make it to the Innovations in Knowledge Organisation (IKO) conference in Singapore last month, don’t worry. The conference materials and a post-conference newsletter are available free online.

Though it isn’t quite as good as being there in person, you can still read what Margie Hlava (President of Access Innovations) and Bob Kasenchak (Director of Product Development at Access Innovations) had to say about “Smart Thesauri: Using Taxonomies with Linked Data.”

What do knowledge organisation professionals do? They are engaged in a wide variety of activities from building frameworks with linked data to applying search technologies both inside and outside the enterprise to working with graph databases to develop knowledge maps capable of being analyzed for taxonomy-building. The list is endless as the possibilities for the next conference. IKO 2016 planning is underway, and the organizers are inviting feedback and suggestions. Send ideas and requests to plambe@straitsknowledge.com.

Melody K. Smith

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