Artificial intelligence continues to evolve and affect many parts of our lives. Recently Facebook announced M, an artificial-intelligence powered assistant programmed to do your bidding. This interesting information was found on CNN Money in their article, “Facebook made its own Siri: Meet M.”

This new feature is part of Facebook’s stand-alone Messenger app and is only available to a few hundred test users in the Bay Area.

How is this different from say, Siri? Well, it doesn’t have a voice. You communicate with M via text. At first this feels like the opposite of advancement but if you are like many users of iPhone’s Siri, it is fun to communicate with her in a private setting but in the workplace or public setting, it is not appropriate or sometimes even possible.

M is considered an assistant in the truest definition of the word. It doesn’t know you and you still have to direct it.

Melody K. Smith

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