The Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania recently set a new participation record during its 2015 fiscal year. This interesting news came from The Morning Call in their article, “Da Vinci Science Center sets new record and other company news.”

The center’s total participation increased 3.4 percent from its 2014 fiscal year ending June 30, bringing science to life for a total of 127,720 people. This is exciting news as this national award-winning science center has connected science to life and lives to science since 1992. They foster the interests of future men and women who might consider science, technology, engineering and mathematical careers.

“The most important result of the Da Vinci Science Center’s performance during the 2015 fiscal year, as it is every year, is the impact the center makes on the young people in our area — the future scientists, engineers, innovators and leaders who will shape the development of the greater Lehigh Valley region for decades to come,” said Lin Erickson, executive director and CEO of the Da Vinci Science Center. “Throughout the year, we have been discussing visions for our future, and our ability to increase our impact and produce sustained success emboldens us as we look forward.”

Melody K. Smith

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