Along with the rest of silicon valley, Expect Labs CEO Tim Tuttle has seen the rise of voice technology. Even Siri and Cortana were clumsy at initial launch. The very concept of a disembodied, electronic voice carrying on a conversation with a human being is not as intriguing as Hollywood made it out to be in the film, Her. This interesting topic was brought to us by DATAVERSITY in their article, “Voice Processing: Are We Near New Speech Recognition Apps?

“Back then, the problems seemed very much out of reach,” Tuttle says. “(Voice processing) cost an arm and a leg, and the results were lackluster.”

Voice-recognition technology is not new, but the application of it to smartphones has been well received. Currently the application is for searching the web, but soon it will be controlling the functionality of the smartphone itself. Eventually the evolution will include the integration of voice search with language understanding technology. That will be interesting.

Melody K. Smith

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