Technology and the fashion world have come together in one very interesting way. A search engine called Donde Fashion now enables fashionistas around the world to look for clothing, shoe and handbag brands by using artificial intelligence technology. iDigitalTimes brought this interesting news to us in their article, “Donde Fashion’ App Lets You Curate Your Dream Closet Using Artificial Intelligence.”

The search engine is available to consumers through an iOS app, which allows shoppers to visually search for items using factors like color, length and pattern. However, this is different from other search engines because text is not a part of the equation. Instead, users search using visual icons that represent features in an outfit whether it is a cut, a color or a neckline. The user is also able to apply filters like price and brand to discover a product that is perfect for them.

Machine learning depends on the right data. What we refer to as big data and machine learning today will simply be integrated into the fabric (pun totally intended) of computing tomorrow.

Melody K. Smith

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