A last minute educational opportunity for this week comes from DATAVERSITY and is titled, “The Heart of Data Modeling Presents: Who’s Pissing in Your Data Lake.”

The new data terms of Data Lake, Data Reservoir, and Data Swamp can be confusing. The types of data anomalies that organizations can run into when they use external data could be endless.

On Thursday, February 25th, Karen Lopez, Sr. Project Manager and Architect, InfoAdvisors will share her reputation for irreverent presentations as she walks you through some data anomalies that have bugged her in her life and on her projects. With 20+ years of experience in project and data management on large, multi-project programs. Karen specializes in the practical application of data management principles.

This webinar is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. EST and is free to all subscribers. Register here.

Melody K. Smith

Sponsored by Access Innovations, the world leader in thesaurus, ontology, and taxonomy creation and metadata application.