The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has announced the creation of a Center for Innovation & Digital Learning, an initiative designed to promote new ideas in the digital learning space and to support the development of next-generation educational technologies. This interesting information came to us from the Association of American Publishers in their article, “Association of American Publishers Announces New Center for Innovation & Digital Learning.”

The new Center will be housed in the AAP’s 501c3, the non-profit research arm of AAP, and will be headquartered in Washington D.C. Members from AAP’s PreK-12 and Higher Education sectors will develop and implement digital initiatives within the Center.

“Learning materials are no longer solely the printed textbooks of generations past. Digital learning materials are increasingly important to improving outcomes throughout a student’s education,” said AAP President and CEO Tom Allen. “While AAP and its education divisions have undertaken many digital initiatives over the past 15 years, our new Center will complement existing initiatives and generate new efforts that support our members, educators, and students nationwide.”

Melody K. Smith

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