Expert System has been named a Google for Work Search Technology Premier Partner. The integration of Cogito in Google Search Appliance (GSA) is being given much of the credit. The scalable hardware and software solution combines Google search expertise with features that support enterprise business requirements. This information came from Business Wire in their article, “Expert System Becomes Premier Google for Work Search Technology Partner.”

The Google Premier tier is reserved for companies that have demonstrated the highest level of competency and performance based on implementation success. With Cogito for cognitive computing and unstructured information access, Expert System enhances semantic tagging and enrichment, taxonomy and ontology management, and improved search functionalities based on a deep understanding of business documents.

Ensuring that data is findable across different repositories is one of the biggest challenges for enterprise teams today. Without strong taxonomies and standardized methods to manage your data, a difficult situation can get worse. Choose the right product and professionals to provide taxonomy services and help you manage your content.

Melody K. Smith

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