Cindy Acton from Cargill shared with the attendees of Data Harmony Users Group (#DHUG2016) how her organization uses Data Harmony to help their research and development team index and access technical reports.

Cargill’s thesaurus contains over 9,000 terms and about 500 top level terms into a streamlined tool used by their researchers to find the internal technical information they need to bring food products to the market.

Because Cargill is a top level organization with many subsidiaries under different names, there are many security issues involved. Access and privacy is important across all levels.

Their most recent challenge has been trying to salvage an old taxonomy instead of starting from scratch. Sharing that experience with the other attendees helped them to understand and look at their own process with new perspective. Taking a bad taxonomy and turning it into a good one is a familiar journey for many. 

Melody K. Smith

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