In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, some of our staff put together a few themed limericks (or the like) for your reading and enjoyment.


There once was a group with no lists,
Their content looked, said what’s this?
So they contacted the experts
Who made them one faster than the dirts.
And now all their searches are bliss.

– Margie Hlava

Ontology building is great,
But you’re going to have to wait.
Editors are busy
And they’ll have a tizzy
If you try to load more on their plate.

– Heather Kotula

Taxonomy or controlled vocabulary;
The naming is quite arbitrary.
Even an ontology
Is not really philosophy
But a structure for the words to carry.
– Margie Hlava

Where is my data, you say
You need access and need it today,
Did you build a thesaurus,
provide term lists for us?
Findability, the Access way.

– Melody K. Smith

Been thinking ’bout the metadata.
How’s it gonna help my data?
If I added disambiguation
Would my content save the nation?

I’ve been adding information
To my content classification,
As the data goes around
I can change my search to found.

– Margie Hlava