The University of California Press (UCP) and California Digital Library (CDL) have partnered with Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (CKF) to develop Editoria, a new open source, digital-first book production platform. The University of California Press brought this news to us in their blog post titled, “University of California Press and California Digital Library to Partner with Collaborative Knowledge Foundation to Build Open Source Monograph Publishing Platform.

UCP and CDL have embarked on this project with the help of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The goal of the project is to create a shared resource for presses and library publishers to automate book production in multiple formats using a versatile, web-based production workflow system.

Editoria will support a robust book production system for academic publishers and library publishing programs. The platform will be open source and able to be configured for many different publishing workflows. This collaborative approach to product design and development will progress through 2016 with a launch in early 2017.

Melody K. Smith

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