Standards are not just beneficial, they are important, and to every type of organization or business. This interesting information came from Thomas Net in the release, “ANSI President and CEO Joe Bhatia Shares Insights on Corporate Engagement in Standardization.”

ANSI is committed to educating companies about their impact in standardization through Standards Boost Business—an outreach initiative to help U.S. businesses understand the power of standardization in driving business growth, spurring innovation, and advancing U.S. competitiveness. Coordinated by ANSI in partnership with 30 organizations from across the standardization community, this free online resource is designed to help corporate leaders understand the strategic and economic value of standards to business and to our overall national competitiveness.

Collective participation in standardization efforts can drive business performance, and enhance opportunities and market access globally. Over 80 percent of global commodity trade is reliant on compliance with standards, and accredited product testing and certification can help enable access to markets and ensure product success overseas.

Melody K. Smith

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