Business intelligence and enterprise search are friends; maybe besties. Enterprise business intelligence is useless without the ability to index and search it. Computer Weekly brought this news to our attention in their article, “Beyond keywords: bringing initiative to enterprise search.”

While we’ve moved past the team of librarians scouring through a basement full of card catalogs to computers on every desk or lap, information management hasn’t changed that much; at least, the principles remain the same.

The challenge is that businesses today have vast banks of data available and limited means to sort through it. Structured data is easy enough, but unstructured data, which makes up the majority of business data, is almost always more difficult and more valuable. Progress in the field of natural language processing have made it easier for enterprise companies to automate analysis and bring structure to their unstructured data, so long as the computer system is able to recognize things and the relationships between them. The key is to move enterprise search from keyword-driven search to context-driven search.

Melody K. Smith

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