Academia has long been known for cut-throat competition and high stakes maneuvers…well, maybe not. But seriously, how do you know a good researcher from a bad? Are there measures you can reference? This interesting information came from Geek Wire in their article, “Who’s hot in academia? Semantic Scholar dives more deeply into the data.

The classic measure is citations: that is, who’s quoting whom in their research papers. Statistics are valuable and now with Semantic Scholar, a scientific search engine developed at Seattle’s Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a whole new set of statistics is available.

The beta version of Semantic Scholar was recently released and the hope is it will be embraced for its user-friendly features, in addition to the volume of data available at your fingertips. For now, Semantic Scholar focuses only on computer science research, but the spectrum will be widened to include neuroscience this year and other fields in years to come.

Melody K. Smith

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