When most people hear the words “artificial intelligence,” they think of The Jetsons or Star Wars. As much fun as it is to imagine a future with the conveniences Hollywood dreams up, there are some similarities and stark contrasts to the business world’s use of this technology today. This interesting information came to us from Data Informed in their article, “Building the Foundation of the Cognitive Computing Era.”

Cognitive computing is the next wave of information technology and it is giving businesses a strategic edge over their competition and giving society as a whole the ability to solve some of our most pressing problems.

We all remember when a first-generation cognitive system outplayed two human Jeopardy champions. That same family of cognitive solutions now has much more capabilities. Cognitive systems are now helping doctors and our healthcare system in general. This is an incredible time to be in the computing business. For developers, enterprise IT professionals, digital start-ups or CEOs, cognitive computing is transforming their worlds.

Melody K. Smith

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