Pre-processing and indexing data in one operation with the new add-on for Splunk creates new performance and ergonomic value for users. This interesting information came to us from EIN News in their article, “New Splunk Add-On Streamlines Data Preparation, Indexing, and Visualization.”

Splunk is an indexing and visualization platform and with this new add-on by Innovative Routines International (IRI) it provides users data that has been pre-filtered and transformed without multiple tools. This happens by feeding Voracity results directly into Splunk indexes.

Centralized data preparation in Voracity not only improves time to visualization, but also avoids the metadata complexity and redundancy problems of integrating data in the analytic layer. Users can make rapid use of their information by navigating it visually, discovering patterns, and quantitatively analyzing what they observe.

The Voracity add-on for Splunk, which is in the process of being certified in Splunkbase, is now available through IRI.

Melody K. Smith

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