Maybe it is because there is too much talk about data security? Maybe it is because users just don’t understand the risk or the terminology? Whatever the reason, how do we get people to engage with the topic? This interesting information came to us from IT Pro in their article, “We need a new language to talk about data security.”

One of the biggest challenges facing those working in cyber security and online privacy is understanding on the  part of the users as well as some in the industry. It can be hard to explain what we mean to people who aren’t involved in this technology and even harder to make them care. Yet the human element is the weakest link in the cyber security chain.

The challenge is to get users to be engaged with abstract concepts, like metadata. The answer may be in the interaction between language, understanding and perceived reality.

Protecting data is critical to maintaining business integrity. Access Innovations’ Data Harmony suite of content enrichment and thesaurus management tools can be fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Data Harmony fills semantic gaps in SharePoint to help users take full advantage of their metadata through auto-classification, enterprise taxonomy management, entity extraction, and search enhancements. The end result is information assets that are more secure, yet searchable and accessible.

Melody K. Smith

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