There has long been a debate between traditional paper book readers and those that embraced digital reading through various versions of e-readers. There are more than two camps in this debate because some of us like both. I love the feel and smell of a paper book. I love seeing my stacks of book on the bookshelves. I also love taking as many books as I want on a trip in the convenience of my Kindle or, even better, reading them on my iPad through the Kindle app. This limits the number of devices I have to haul on a plane with me, and that is always a good thing these days. This interesting information came to us from Publishers Weekly in their article, “As E-book Sales Decline, Digital Fatigue Grows.”

Various sources are reporting a decline in e-book sales in 2015 for traditional publishers in comparison to 2014. There don’t appear to be clear-cut reasons why, but some are calling it digital fatigue. Personally, I am not tired of digital yet. Give me time.

Melody K. Smith

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