Document management systems (DMS) are designed to do more than just manage files and media assets. They can also play an active role in the regulatory system that is part of all office workflows. This interesting information came to us from CMS Critic in their article, “4 Ways a Document Management System Simplifies Compliance.

Many DMS share a symbiotic relationship—one where it upholds, simplifies, and ensures compliance inasmuch as the law is written to accommodate the proliferation of the document management system.

For content and other files needing retention schedules a decade in length or longer to ensure compliance, a DMS becomes particularly important. It removes the fear of physical damage that often comes with time.

One of the biggest fears in the digital world today involves data breaches. Internal data breaches (ones conducted by employees who work for the organization) are becoming increasingly common, and now account for more than half of all data breaches. DMS’s security features apply appropriate user permissions within a DMS to ensure information security.

Melody K. Smith

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