Aries Systems Corporation recently announced the integration of Meta Bibliometric Intelligence into Editorial Manager, Aries’ manuscript and peer-review tracking system for scholarly publications. This interesting information came from Aries Systems in their article, “Artificial Intelligence Integration Allows Publishers a First Look at Meta Bibliometric Intelligence.”

The new technology applies artificial intelligence toward the identification of high-impact manuscripts at the moment of first submission, allowing editors to triage and rank incoming manuscripts.

Bibliometric Intelligence uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms that were trained using Meta’s millions of full-text articles. As newly-submitted manuscripts are processed, hundreds of unique features are pulled from the papers and fed through the algorithms. Based on this analysis, Meta estimates the future citation count and impact of a manuscript, with a speed, accuracy, and consistency that far exceed human ability.

Predictive intelligence is just one of several ways that industries throughout science are leveraging Meta’s artificial intelligence capabilities to solve their core information challenges.

Melody K. Smith

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