Digital assets are a huge part of any company’s files. They are also of significant value to the company because of their content and importance, so managing them and protecting them should be a top priority. Smart Business brought this topic to us in their article, “Five things a company should know about managing its digital assets.”

This challenge can become overwhelming and complicated, but there are a few things to remember that can help in digital asset management (DAM). The effort put into organizing the files when building a DAM system can pay off in multitudes down the road. Advanced search systems against properly indexed data can eliminate time spent trying to find a file. Proper organization can also create the best of efficiency when filing and accessing data. It also eliminates redundancy. DAM systems store assets in both binary and metadata formats, containing and controlling multiple file types in a versatile system which adapts to every need. A safe and secure storage system is mandatory to protect important assets.

The continued growth of data, along with the added pressure to make records management user-friendly,  leaves many organizations looking for outside help and alternatives.

Melody K. Smith

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