Altova MissionKit’s release features changes to its big data, database, and XBRL tools – all designed to increase an organization’s productivity. This interesting news came from Software Development Times in their article, “Altova MissionKit enhances its Big Data, database and XBRL tools.”

Altova’s last release focused mostly on support for JSON and .NET APIs, introducing new tools for JSON and features to speed up JSON development. Altova’s focus remains on making developers’ lives easier with support of the latest technologies and most recent standards versions, paired with tools to make development and data integration faster.

One of the biggest productivity gains of this release came from XMLSpy working in Text View. This has been completely redesigned, and the Find dialog has been modernized, with a few new advanced features added as well.

Developers will find additional functionality for working with the specifications of XBRL Taxonomy Packages and Inline XBRL in this release.

Melody K. Smith

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