The past few weeks in politics has been busy. One of the most improbable election results in modern America was the election of Donald Trump to the Office of the President of the United States. What has this meant to those in the information industry? Many companies have held off finalizing plans for 2017 until after the election and are now looking to complete those tasks. Outsell brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “SPECIAL ANALYSIS: US Election and What It Means for the Information Industry.”

No matter who won, the US election was going to change lives and businesses far beyond the US. The election was also going to have an indirect impact on many industries that the presidential candidates never fully considered.

Ascertaining Donald Trump’s plans on net neutrality, consumer privacy, and cybersecurity has been difficult in the absence of any concrete plans. There have been hints and exaggerated statements about everything from the space program to supreme court nominees.

It is important to note that academic libraries may need to be wary of Trump’s plan to push for cuts in administrative costs at colleges and universities, which would likely impact funding for library services.

It will definitely be an eventful and interesting, and maybe startling, four years.

Melody K. Smith

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