2017 promises to be an interesting arena for media technology. Incumbents and newbies both are predicted to challenge industry trends in an effort to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and maximize revenues. CXO Today brought this interesting news to us in their article, “Top Technologies Shaping Media & Entertainment.”

One area where this will be very prevalent is cloud computing. With cloud infrastructure becoming more affordable, a larger number of media and entertainment enterprises can now look forward to leveraging the benefits that come with cloud computing.

2017 will also be a critical time for metadata. The digital space contains millions of videos and never before has metadata been so critical to cataloging and archiving such assets. It helps to ensure findability of content via search engines. Of course, ensuring that data is findable across different sources is one of the biggest challenges of today. Without strong taxonomies and standardized methods to manage your data, a difficult situation can get worse. Choose the right product and professionals to provide taxonomy services and help you manage your content.

Melody K. Smith

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